Keyword Ranking

How to improve keyword ranking?

SEO does not always work the way we want. It is common for Google to rank a page for keyword ranking other than the ones for which we would like the particular page to rank.

The simple answer is that you need to make sure that Google received the right signals from your page to optimize it, but this is not always easy.

A thin line that separates optimization and over-optimization. Optimization is good, as it will increase the keyword ranking, while over-optimization is bad, as it can generate exactly the opposite results.

Reviews on SEO on-page:

  • Page titles –  Include your target keyword and mentioning your keyword in a natural way in the title is enough.
  • Page descriptions – Google may choose not to show your description on the search engine result page, but it is still important to provide a custom description.
  • Headers tags: Review your HTML code and to contain variations of your target keyword.
  • Page content – It is the most important documents when it comes to SEO.
  • Database –  Micro data and schema are all names related to structure data.

Before doing anything else, find out where your page ranks today for the keyword ranking you want to improve. You can do it manually or use a rank-tracking tool that can do this automatically on a daily basis.

Type your target keyword in the Google keyword ranking tool. You are looking for two things. Firstly, find variations of your target keyword, especially long-tail keywords. Secondly, look at the competition for each of those keywords.

The initial research is before you make any changes to the page ensures that your expectations are correct. Go through the list of long-tail keywords ranking that you gathered and find keywords with significant volume that does not have such strong competitors.

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