Quality Over Quantity

Page rank is a way to determine the popularity of a web page. It also assigns the importance of the web page in the search engine results.

It analyzes the metric of the number of visitors and the number of page viewed by the visitors and is linked to by many pages with high ranking itself.

To measure the rank, an algorithm assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a link of documents, such as the World Wide Web.

  • Usage of pages you have used and the ranking of the visitors.
  • The rank value indicates an importance of a particular page
  • It can also be uses by Google to determine the importance of a¬†page.
  • Checking of domain authority and page authority
  • Checking of global hosting.
  • Scale of one to ten and assigned to individual¬†pages within a website, not the entire website.
  • Very few pages have the ranking of 10, as the number of pages on the Internet substantially increases.

Within the page ranking system, links are regarded as votes, where a page linking to another page is casting a vote. This is important to both users who research, and the researchers.

People tend to link relevant content to the main web page, and a page that has more links are usually ranked higher than pages that have few to no links.

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