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Popular websites are websites that are often visited by users around the world, mainly due to its high-quality content.

With such websites now readily accessible through the Internet on phones and electronic devices, expect a higher volume of web traffic coming in.

Examples of popular websites would be:


  • YouTube is a platform where you can view videos uploaded by others and also yourself if you have an existing channel (account).
  • With a Google account, you should be able to upload any videos of your liking onto YouTube.
  • The people who subscribe to their channel are called subscribers. Most famous YouTubers have subscribers ranging from thousands to even millions.
  • As subscribers are hard to get, Youtubers often get paid when they have a big amount of subscribers on their channel and with their videos consistently getting views.


  • Instagram is a platform where you can socialize with others via posting pictures/videos and sharing them over direct messages
  • You can make an account via your phone number, email or even your Facebook account.
  • With Instagram, you are able to post videos/pictures online and more recently, open a business storefront should you need it.


  • Unlike other search engines, Google rose to fame with its efficient search results and its ability to showcase ads in a simplified manner.
  • Commonly used for page ranking analysis and SEO marketing (Better search results = Increased brand recognition)
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