Rank Higher in 3, 2, 1

Rank is a very broad topic. It defines how good or high a company’s range of popularity is. Without having a good rank, your company won’t be able to reach greater heights.

Ranking doesn’t only involve in a business setting. It also involves games and social media too. Basically, anything that can be ranked or graded. There are many ways to increase your rank such as promoting your website online through advertisements or using social media platforms to promote them such as Instagram.

On Instagram, you can promote your company by posting pictures, videos or even using their unique features such as IG story, IG live etc. With IG story, you can post a short 15-second video about your products or services.

Do take note that an IG story only lasts for 24 hours. Another option is to record a live stream using IG live. There is no time limit for your live stream.

There’s also an option to create an advertisement using IGTV, a feature where you can upload videos which are up to 10 minutes long.

The coolest thing that I’ve seen on Instagram is turning your account into a business account by. With the business account, it helps to simplify online marketing, be it for an aspiring entrepreneur or a company looking to expanding its storefront.

In conclusion, investing in SEO marketing is a way to boost your company’s rank in the search engine, which will, in turn, generate more web traffic to your website.

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